Overington 3As far back as 2008, Stephen Forbus began working directly with families in crisis, i.e., those families who had an urgent financial need caused by the death or illness of a spouse, or unpaid medical expenses related to the care of an injured or ill child. The NNPRC provides an overhead organization that can act as a 501(c)(3) for families so that they are able to raise more money, and receive tax-deductible sponsors and contributions for their cause. All families must meet eligibility factors.

Supporting Fundraising for Families in Crisis

In 2008, a close friend was injured while volunteering for his church trimming trees. He fell 25 feet and is now paralyzed from the chest down. A group of mutual friends gathered to create an event that would help him with medical equipment, an accessible van, and modifications to his home. We used a local non-profit to act as a pass-through organization and raised over $55,000 for his care. The NNPRC wishes to provide this service to families facing similar challenges by providing the know-how to be more successful at raising funds.

Marketing and Message Writing

We write the message that gets to the heart of the matter, inspires people to give, and motivates volunteers and donors to be more generous. All too often, the family member is too close to the problem to try to simplify the message, so we create one for them, and focus attention where it is needed most. This message is carried through to event marketing, event websites, crowd funding, social media, etc.

Volunteer Support

Well-meaninged volunteers do not necessarily have experience with raising funds, so the NNPRC provides volunteer training and support to help them work more effectively at being able to raise funds for their families in need. We create job descriptions for events, volunteer training and support, and ideas for raising more money than they could on their own.

Event Planning

There are always ever only four ways of raising money from an event: Sponsors, Ticket Sales, Selling People Stuff, and asking for Donations. We help families organize events that maximize all four ways of raising money through an event, and offer assistance with venues, catering, programs, brochures, and much more.

Apply Here for Support

Families must meet eligibility requirements, have a group of friends willing to support their fundraising effort, and have the recommendation of a social worker, clergy, or other non-profit that will be able to speak for the family’s predicament. Can you answer “Yes” to all of the following?

  • Are you applying on behalf of a family member or friend?
  • Is the family’s need the result of the death, illness or serious injury of a spouse or child?
  • Has the family sought help from other social service organizations who can validate the general need?
  • Will you enlist the help of other family members and friends to provide help to the family in crisis?
  • Has the family’s crisis resulted in unmet medical or cost-of-living expenses, including food, housing, and services or household upgrades medically necessary for a member of their immediate family? (Example: A family member who has become disabled may need equipment, home remodeling to make the home handicap accessible, or caused the family the loss of income from a spouse — all needs not met by medical insurance alone.)
  • Will you take responsibility for making sure that any fundraising activities meet ethical standards as outlined by NNPRC?

If you feel we can help you raise money for a family in crisis, please contact us by e-mail at stephenforbus@verizon.net.