Welcome to the NNPRC

Over the past dozen years, I have helped many non-profit organizations with creating programs, revising mission statements and vision plans, recruiting and training board members, and, of course, raising money. It’s my turn to apply these proven practices in non-profit management to my own non-profit, which I have founded to help struggling organizations stave off insolvency, and to help well established non-profits improve their donor marketing and revenue.

If you are volunteering or working with a non-profit organization, please share this site with your organization. We will update articles and resources to help non-profits become more successful. If you are not already volunteering or working with a non-profit, what are you waiting for? To improve your community; to care for ‘the least of these’ as the Bible refers to those who are hungry, sick, and in need of clothing and shelter; and to protect the environment, wildlife, and so much more, you really should find a cause, volunteer your time, join a board, and get involved.

We’ll help you become more successful at helping others, too.

We help those who help others.